24 September 2015 xblastco

Indie Gameleon and Who Will…

During the Indie Gameleon gamejam this year, BlauwPrint and I made a party game about inheriting cool/weird/useless stuff for android and pc. In the game you choose one of over 100 items to inherit, and then create a persona that best suits that item. After all players have done this, the notary decides who gets what item. The game is made as a funny party game you can play in between conversations during one of your awesome parties! After the jam we spend some extra time to polish the game and make it ready for a release. You can download it for windows and android for now, but we might port it to mac and ios later.
Working on this game was different from other games I’ve worked on. There was no need for any music , and it only has a handful of sounds. Music and unnecessary sounds would take away from the intended goal of the game, which is make people talk during a party. Having to focus on other aspects of game development was a cool challenge, and I think it worked out really good! That, in addition to it being a text-only party game for mobile phones made it a unique dev experience.

So get some friends together and try it out 🙂


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